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Morganite Moonstone Rose Quartz Hand Knotted Pocket Mala

Morganite Moonstone Rose Quartz Hand Knotted Pocket Mala

$ 37.00

A pocket mala is perfect for the yogi on the go! You can carry it in your pocket and it nestles comfortably in the hand.

This mala is not intended as a bracelet but can be draped over the hand or wrist while meditating or doing passive yoga. It measures about 11 in. (28 cm) around and going around this mala four times equals to chanting with the traditional 108 bead mala. You can also wrap it around two fingers in various ways to wear while doing yoga or other activities.

I started using the quarter mala because it's much more convenient when one meditates with a dog or two in one's lap! It's also great for travel or carrying in stressful situations.

This mala consists of:
  • 25 8mm morganite beads
  • 2 8mm moonstone beads
  • 1 20mm rose quartz guru bead
  • 2 6mm morganite beads for the tassel
  • turquoise nylon cord
Metaphysical properties of morganitite:
*Evokes a sense of peace, joy and inner strength
*Encourages fair treatment of others
*Supports the physical heart

Metaphysical properties of rose quartz:
*Calms anger and resentment
*Restores trust and harmony in relationships

Metaphysical properties of moonstone:
*Enhances creativity and compassion
*Promotes emotional healing
*Builds inner strength

There is a lot of variation in these natural stones so each mala will vary slightly in appearance.

The mala will arrive in a gifty box and a linen bag for storage.