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Agility in Heaven - Personalized Rainbow Bridge Agility Remembrance Bracelet

Agility in Heaven - Personalized Rainbow Bridge Agility Remembrance Bracelet

$ 75.00

s there agility in heaven? There has to be, otherwise it couldn't be heaven!

Follow the path over the Rainbow Bridge to a place where obstacles float on clouds and tunnels never have pools of water in the middle of them. Dogs can run and jump with the ease of younger days and have a bone whenever they want it. Or take a break to chase a squirrel. There's no rain in heaven (or scary thunder!) and there's never any dust on the course to make a dog sneeze. The sky is brightest blue and the temperature is just right. In heaven, every run is fast and clean and dog and human will never have to be parted again.

Now that's heaven.

This bracelet is formed from 14 gauge sterling silver that measures a 1/2" wide. It is stamped with an agility scene in heaven and bears the name of your beloved agility dog who has gone on to run in the sky.

The bracelet is 6" long with a gap of a little over 1" and will fit most women's wrists. It can be gently adjusted by bending slightly to make it easy to put on and take off and comfortable to wear.

Please leave a note at checkout with the name for the bracelet. I'll also be happy to include dates on the inside of the cuff, as well as a short phrase, such as "forever in my heart" as shown in the photos. Just leave that in the notes also.

This makes a thoughtful gift for a friend who is suffering a loss.

The bracelet will arrive in a gifty box.